OUR MISSION is to empower the people in our communities on their journey to a healthier lifestyle with QUALITY, SUPERIOR, &  HONEST alternatives

Ancient healers

of nature’s
most powerful remedies

We source the highest-quality grade CBD and combine it with organic plant-based ingredients to produce a premium collection of wellness products. Compared to traditional prescription medications, CBD can be an effective option as a natural and potentially safer remedy. The ancient Egyptians used cannabis to relieve pain and around 2,000 BCE, cannabis salves were used to treat eye sores and glaucoma. Ancient Egyptian texts dating back to the 18th century BCE encouraged readers to "plant medicinal cannabis."


blend of
all-natural ingredients

Produced with an array of time tested ingredients, the benefits of our collection of wellness products are wide-ranging. Scientific studies have indicated CBD is an effective solution for relaxation and mental tranquility.


fueled by
fast-evolving science

The combination of scientific advancements, cutting-edge innovation and advanced flavor technology and blends of CBD, along with the increase in consumer awareness has made CBD a popular earth-friendly solution for everyday problems. Created and perfected by a team of scientists holding 140 combined US Patents.


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